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  ISC Code of Conduct Admin

ISC Code of Conduct Updated 4/7/2016


The Inverness Soccer Club “ISC” is aware of the ever increasing incidents of conflict and violence in youth sport leagues across the country. In every instance these conflicts can be traced back to the conduct and character of the coaches and parents. The following code of conduct is expected of all coaches, assistant coaches and parents.

1. All coaches are subject to background checks. Based on the results of the background check, league officials have the right to deny application of volunteerism. Therefore, the IYSA Disclosure Statement must be completed and filed with ISC prior to the first game.

2. As an “ISC” coach your character is constantly being evaluated. It is expected that you are a role model for your players, the opposing players and the parents in attendance. You will set the tone for what is appropriate. Your demonstration of character and attitude are more important than the soccer skills you teach. 3. As a reminder the ISC is not a “WIN AT ALL COST” League. ISC is a RECREATIONAL/INSTRUCTIONAL League. Our primary function is to provide a positive soccer experience for our player’s participants. The core philosophies of the league are:

SPORTSMANSHIP Recreation / Fundamentals / Skill Instruction Tactical Instruction / Competition

So that there is no misinterpretation or misunderstanding, there is an emphasis on the philosophy of SPORTSMANSHIP superseding all others. This applies to all coach’s actions while on Park District property during and after play and as a representative of ISC.

4. IT IS NEVER APPROPRIATE TO DIRECT ANY CRITICISM TOWARDS THE REFEREE. Nor, is it appropriate to vocally question a referee’s call to either the players or those in attendance. ISC uses youth referees. Even though they are certified by IYSA they are in a learning process and subject to make procedural and interruptive mistakes. It is never appropriate to “engage” a referee during or after the game. Complaints about a specific referee must be submitted in writing to the league referee coordinator or directors. Formal game protest will not be enthusiastically entertained. A loss based on a bad call may be the biggest challenge to your character. You will be expected to use the experience as a teaching opportunity. Work with the other coach in approaching any problem that may be transpiring during the game.

5. At no time should a coach have inappropriate contact with the players. Congratulatory contact should be limited to “high fives” and head pats. It is never appropriate to grab a player, including efforts to put the player in position.

6. Use of profanity in either practice or games mandates an immediate disqualification and possible additional sanctions.

7. The referee can disqualify a coach and or parent from a game in progress. Any coach or parent disqualified from a game is also subject to additional sanctions of the league directors. Any coach/parent disqualified from a game is required to leave Park District property immediately. Failure to so will mean forfeiture of that game plus additional league sanctions.

8. Coaches can be held responsible for the conduct of their team’s spectators.

9. It is the responsibility of the coach to prohibit any participation in either practice or game until the medical waiver has been signed and returned by player’s parent/guardian.

10. Your position as a volunteer coach is subject to termination any time for conduct found to be in violation of the above “CODE OF CONDUCT”. Suspension and terminations are at the sole discretion of the league directors.

ABC's of Inverness Soccer Club Updated 4/7/2016


Many controversies could be avoided if we all were good sports in winning as well as in loosing. (We do not keep score.) We do not keep team standings and there are no playoffs. There is no benefit in winning big over the other team of players except for our own egos as adults. If the match is uneven, use the opportunity to give some less experienced players a chance to improve their skills. Play the better players back or in goal. Our goal is not only teaching our players the game of soccer and having fun, but also demonstrating the principals of good sportsmanship and teamwork. Remember, the players are the focus of the attention, not the referee, not the coach and not the spectators. Please keep everything in perspective. Let the players play, the referees officiate, and enjoy the moment.

B.        PRACTICES.

One practice per week on the day and time you have selected. Do not try to move any goals. The goals have been anchored for safety reasons. Thunder and lightning. Adjourn practices if there is any storm activity no matter how far away.

Make sure all your players have been picked up before you depart.

C.        GAMES.

Number of players on the field.

Kindergarten:        9 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper

1st grade:            9 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper

2nd & 3rd grade:        9 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper

4th & 5th grade:        10 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper

6th 7th & 8th grade:    11 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper

All players should be rotated to get as much playing time as possible at all the positions.

Coaches should make every effort to make sure that all their players get equal playing time. In no instance should any player play less than half a game.

For Kindergarten and 1st grade, one coach from each team is allowed on the field of play.


You may only use players who are officially on your team roster. If either team is short on players, play down to the number of available players on the team with the fewest players.

Slaughter Rule.

When the goal difference between teams reaches four (4) goals (4-0, 5-1, 6-2 etc.), the winning team must remove one (1) player from the field of play. As the goal difference increases above four (4), the winning team must remove one (1) player for each additional goal scored. The winning team continues to remove players and the minimum player rule is waived. The winning team may add players as the goal difference decreases.

4 goal difference:    1 player removed

5 goal difference:     2 players removed

6 goal difference:     3 players removed

7 goal difference:     4 players removed



Goal set-up.

Coaches listed to play the first game are responsible for setting up the nets and flags. Coaches listed for the last game are responsible to take down and put away the nets and the flags. The code to gain access to the key to open the storage box will be provided by your commissioner.

Once the storage box is open, please replace the key to the security box.


Check our website for cancellation of games or practices due to weather or field conditions. We play in the rain, but not if there is thunder and lightning or if the fields do not permit.

Length of games.

Kindergarten and 1st grade play 4, 10 minute quarters. All other grades play 4, 12 minute quarters. There is a 2 minute break between quarters, to allow for substitutions, and a 8 minute half time break.

Substitutions may be made during the game, but the referee must be informed prior to the changes. Substitutions may be made on any goal kick, on a throw in, after a goal has been scored, between quarters or for an injury.

During the indoor game you can make substitutions freely without informing the referee as long as there are only 7 active players on the field.


This rule only applies to the 4th & 5th and 6th, 7th & 8th grade levels.


Referees have complete discretion over the conduct of the game. Their decision is final.

  1. MISCELLANEOUS.                       


Do not allow any child to swing, climb or play on the goals.

All players must wear shinguards for all practices and all games. Players without

shinguards will not be allowed to play.

No earrings, watches, caps, visors, sunglasses, helmets or hard hair fasteners. Long hair must be tied back. Mouth protection is optional. Each player is responsible for bringing their own water bottle for practices and games.

Medical forms.

Our insurance company requires that you carry the medical waivers to every game and practice. The waiver contains important medical information. Please recheck your team roster to make sure all the waivers have been signed before your first practice.


Your equipment bag contains balls, a pump, cones, first aid kit, team rosters, schedules, a goalkeeper’s shirt, uniforms, practice materials and picture envelopes. To replenish your first aid kit, please contact your commissioner. At the last game you must return the equipment bag with the goalkeeper’s shirt, balls, pump, cones and first aid kit.




The Soccer Club provides shirts and matching socks. Players are responsible for the shorts. The color, depending on your preference as a coach, should match the shirt color. All players are to have the same colored shorts.                                                                   

Picture day.

Picture day will be held on Saturday September 12, 2015 at Holy Family Parish. Envelopes are included in your equipment bag. Pictures will be distributed at the last game.

Last game.

The last game will be held indoors at Soccer City, 545 S. Consumers Avenue, (off Northwest Highway) Palatine on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

During the indoor game we will play with 7 players, one whom is the goalkeeper. Only indoor soccer shoes or sneakers will be allowed. The Soccer Club provides refreshments, along with a presentation of your teams trophies and pictures. There is no need to have after game snacks for the last game.


Before the last game please rate your players on the registration forms given to you at the beginning of the season. In the upper right hand corner of the official use box, using the following criteria:

1. Fully skilled in the game, knows and applies all the fundamentals.

2. Improving in the skills of the game.

3. Improving in the fundamentals.

4. Learning the fundamentals.

5. Recreational player.


     Any questions or helpful comments are encouraged and should be directed to your commissioner by using our website, www.invernesssoccer.com and select ISC Board and choose your commissioner.